Hyaluronica 1

It is a long-lasting but non-permanent dermal filler, that spreads slowly into the skin to achieve a smooth and natural look. It is recommended to treat superficial to mid wrinkles and lip contour. Easy to inject.

With HYALURONICA 1, superficial and mid lines and wrinkles are easily erased. With Vital Esthetique's HYALURONICA 1 lines like Crow's feet, smile and/or smoke lines are smoothen for long. 

HYALURONICA 1 is a viscoelastic, colorless gel, formulated with non-animal hyaluronic acid, which is indicated to be used by qualified professionals. The injection technicques are essential for the results of the treatment. The application of HYALURONICA 1 can be performed through Serial Punctual Technique or Tunnel Injection (Linear technique).  

HYALURONICA 1 is presented in a box of 2x1ml syringes;
Concentration of hyaluronic acid is 16 mg/ml;
The effect of the treatment may vary between 6 to 9 months.